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Meet Our DJ's

If a wedding had a heartbeat, it would be it's soundtrack. A strong heartbeat equals a truly memorable wedding. A weak heartbeat? Well, we all know how that ends.

E.C.F. Entertainment DJ's have amassed a stunning array of Industry Awards and Accolades. Without exception, brides have shared that choosing an E.C.F. Entertainment DJ was a game-changer for their special day. 

DJ J-Boogz

Managing Partner, DJ, MC
I bring over 20 years of music industry experience to the table! From nightclubs in Boston/Vegas, local FM radio, and formal events all over New England, I strive to be your BEST planning decision!

I bring the fun, and I am easy to work with. You need advice, I am alongside to help! With an uncanny ability to play the right song at the right time, I will work incredibly hard to ensure your night is spectacular!

DJ Shyne

Managing Partner, DJ, MC
I take great pride in being a technically sound DJ. Active DJing is a big piece of the puzzle! Beat matching, flawless transitions, and proper set list development all contribute to a masterful performance!

Something as important as your wedding day should not be left in the hands of just anyone! Knowing that there are no re-do’s on the big day, there is nobody invested more in the success of your celebration than E.C.F. Entertainment!

DJ Manolo

Professional Event DJ / Master of Ceremonies
There is nothing better than entertaining a group of individuals and impacting their entire day with the power of a song. Going to a venue, loading in, setting up, then completely knocking the event out of the park…it’s an amazing feeling! DJing is a way of life!

I am excitement 24/7! I love life and I love to put a smile
on the face of others whenever I can.
Helping to make memories with music feeds directly into that!
I am a very passionate person. I give 110% in everything I do.

DJ T-Roc

Professional Event DJ / Master of Ceremonies 
There is no feeling like moving the crowd. Making every event a complete SMASH and feeling the energy from the dance floor…it is amazing. I really cannot explain it…it’s like skydiving but waaaaay safer!

I have many styles that I put into the mix. No compromises here! Live mashups, blending, scratching, and mixing…..keeping it all tasteful…..I do what it takes to keep that dance floor rocking! 

DJ RollingRick

Professional Event DJ / Master of Ceremonies
I have been DJ-ing my entire life. I am confident I can rock your event. Mixing and blending the sounds of Motown, Oldies, Funk, Country and the hits of today, to keep your guests groovin’ all night. You bring the dance floor, and I’ll bring the party….. Many can say it, but I will deliver it!

I work extremely hard to ensure all aspects of working with my clients are well above-par……and nothing less. Working with me, you can rest assured that I will listen, and provide you with exceptional service. I make your event as important to me, as if it were my own.

DJ Mike Stripez & DJ Mike Berman are Also Available for Booking!

Questions? Give us a call at 1-833-BOOK-ECF